Bridging the Difference® from resistance to engagement                             

You brought us together in a way that we could react, and when the time came, you were able to synthesize in a way that drove us to make the decisions we needed to.” —CEO, International Nonprofit Organization


Align to Transform®—Building High-Performance Teams Workshop

This real-work based program is for a team that wants to quickly become higher-performing.

  • Focus on enhancing the collective efforts of the team to achieve greater levels of performance, productivity, flexibility,and innovation.
  • Gain new shared insights about the team dynamics that are currently in play.
  • Use those insights to choose the best tools to lead, develop and sustain healthy complex team work.
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Align to Transform®—Leading Change Workshop

All organization change, even simple technical or process change, represents social change because it has an affect on people.

  • Use approaches to address concerns, versus simply avoiding or overlooking them.
  • Navigate politics.
  • Help others maintain optimum performance, even while making shifts.
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Align to Transform®—Strategic Thinking and Planning Workshop

Learn how to strengthen your strategic capability and increase your value to the organization.

  • Develop a better understanding of problems and opportunities.
  • Improve decision-making and resource utilization.
  • Generate insights that lead to breakthrough solutions and competitive advantage.
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Align to Transform® Expert Consulting

Improve your organization’s ability to implement strategic change. Discover how to transform the barriers of resistance into positive and productive energy across your organization

  • Reach agreement about exactly what good needs to look like.
  • Isolate the knowledge and behavior gaps that exist to address them for new organization capability.
  • Infuse practical solutions into how your people get their work done every day.

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