Bridging the Difference® with Betty Johnson

Betty brings a unique ability to assess our culture and our current state. She identifies what’s keeping us from getting where we need to go, and helps us bridge the differences to bring us to our future state.

She has a knack for understanding where people are at a point in time, and provides feedback that enables them to be more responsive and move forward.” —Strategy Execution Office Leader, Healthcare Products Manufacturing

Betty applies real-work, practical lessons learned from her 25 years’ experience as senior executive, practice leader, front-line manager, consultant, and trainer to:

  • Recognize the process-behavior-goal misalignments that create churn.
  • Name them so you can see them too.
  • Help you bridge them to get where you need to go.

Her expertise includes:

  • Organizational change management.
  • Strategy deployment.
  • Team effectiveness.
  • Collaborative problem resolution.
  • Productive meetings.
  • Influencing across differences.

With Betty’s expert guidance you galvanize, transformachieve, and win together. Her proprietary, research-supported Mindful Influence®, Intentional Meetings®, Align to Transform®, Charter to Win®, and Team to Win® solutions focus on helping you reach your goals.

Betty is a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change candidate and serves on the boards of Charlotte Women Executives and the Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council. She is an executive member of the Academy of Management, and extends her passion for generating leadership excellence as a mentor to non-traditional college students through Women Executives for Community Service. 

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