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Intentional Meetings® Case Study

Bridging the Difference®shifts your meeting culture from painful to gainful. Intentional Meetings® Case Study

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5 Ways to Cultivate Ethical Well-Being

Let’s talk about ethics. Ethical leadership doesn’t coerce employees to do things they wouldn’t otherwise choose to do. Instead, it enables employees to make choices that support their own and others’ well-being. In his book Flourish, Martin Seligman gives us valuable theory about elements of well-being.  How can you apply the theory to cultivate ethical well-being in your […]

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Influence: Ask 5 Questions, then Speak Your Truth

Tired of going to meetings where it seems your truth isn’t heard? Want to better influence policies, strategies and decisions? Here’s how. Next time you receive an invitation to a meeting that matters to you, don’t just click “accept”. Instead, invest 20 minutes to answer 5 questions. Ask yourself these 5 questions. Why did the person who called this […]

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The Big Problem with Overcoming Resistance

Yesterday, a client said to me, “Overcoming people’s resistance to this change is a big problem.” I agree. And here’s why it’s a big problem. The more you push, the more you entrench resistance.  When you push for what you think is right: You don’t fully hear the ideas of those who resist. You might think you do. You may […]

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Eliminate Meeting Pain: Get Clear About the Purpose

If people show up for your meetings unprepared, confused about what a meeting is about, or engaged in “planned distractions” such as texting, email and preparing reports, chances are you’ve been vague about the meeting purpose. Pain starts when there’s lack of shared understanding about the meeting purpose, Here’s an analogy: each person in this photo has their own purpose […]

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