Are you creating exasperation, or preventing it?

  • In your meetings, do you do most of the talking?
  • Do others rarely speak up, or only when you call on them?
  • Do you use meetings to convey decisions, yet find out later those decisions weren’t fully understood?
  • After meetings, do people seem reluctant to implement decisions you’ve told them about?
  • Have you seen actions from others that made you think, “Weren’t they listening?”

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, this article is for you.

Exasperation with virtual meetings is common. 

Meeting ExasperationVirtual meetings can be a complete drain on productivity. Cynicism about them is rampant. They’re often dreaded and avoided. Avoidance includes multi-tasking. And that distraction leads to tremendous inefficiencies, siphoning off time, energy, engagement, positive work relationships and money.

Yet we keep meeting virtually, poorly and painfully, to try to get decisions to stick. Even while those who attend think,

What a waste of time.”

Too often, virtual meetings create inertia.

Many leaders use a virtual meeting to convey a decision already made versus enlist those in the meeting to refine or reach a decision. Simple conveying, not surfacing opinions or reluctant questions from those you need to implement an important decision, is a sure recipe for that decision to not stick.

Yet we keep using meetings to convey decisions without surfacing issues—or we attend and listen to others trying to convince us about a decision—while thinking,

“I’m dying here.”

Have virtual meetings that turn individual ideas into collective gold.

Virtual meetings can be an efficient and effective way to engage others in productive action. 

When you plan and conduct meetings that enlist everyone’s contributions, you:

  • Virtual MeetingGain the benefit of collective wisdom and experience. 
  • Generate new realizations that lead to higher quality decisions.
  • Productively uncover and resolve issues that lead to resistance. 

This is the Midas gold, and it can be had.

Intentional Meetings™ is a simple, practical, repeatable process that achieves a culture of gainful versus painful meetings. To learn more, follow my upcoming articles, or drop me a line.