Bridging the Difference® from inertia to motivation

Innovative, deliberate, thoughtful, precise, flexible, impactful. You come from a place of true empathy for the person and the organization. That co-creates opportunities for us to come together with you to drive solutions.” —Group President, International Engineering Services Company


Mindful Influence® Communication Skills Workshop

Recognize how you may be unwittingly creating an aversion to change. Find out how to turn what others may perceive as a threat into promised reward. 

  • Recognize triggers that can derail influencing attempts.
  • Apply a communications power tool to resolve a real-work influencing barrier.
  • Communicate to minimize threat and maximize emotional reward.
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Galvanize others’ motivations by tapping into shared interests. Contact us.

Mindful Influence®—Creating Employee Engagement and Commitment Workshop

Keep your high-value talent secure, engaged and committed. Shift potential conflict toward collaborative solutions that abate personality clashes and negative emotional interactions.

  • Authentically connect with employees at an interpersonal level, where engagement resides.
  • Harness direct reports’ commitments toward higher levels of productivity.
  • Inspire others to be creative and innovative.
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Galvanize others’ underlying desires for engaged commitment. Contact us.

Mindful Influence®—Negotiating When the Stakes Are High Workshop

Make whole-win propositions that produce agreement on both sides of the table, that ensure long-lasting commitment by all parties.

  • Pace negotiation strategies with the natural stages of agreement-making.
  • Flex your communication style to accommodate others’ needs.
  • More deftly uncover others’ their bottom line while not losing sight of your own.
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Galvanize others needs into shared commitments. Contact us.

Mindful Influence® Presentation Skills Workshop

Shift from lackluster to engaging, energizing, and compelling presentations.

  • Be viewed in a favorable light when presenting information, whether in person or virtually.
  • Increase the esteem in which your audience regards your professional capabilities.
  • Make strategic shifts in how you present, so others see you as  optimistic, engaging and able to lead a room toward consensus.
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Galvanize groups into interested and.engaged audiences. Contact us.

Mindful Influence®—From Conflict to Consensus Workshop

Keep conflict productive, leverage its value and produce decisions that stick.

  • Create an environment that stimulates ideas without provoking destructive battles that destroy self-esteem, fracture teamwork, and thwart productivity.
  • Effectively assert yourself to confront unacceptable behavior before it escalates into a destructive dispute.
  • Move from being so “right” it creates a fight and help others do the same.
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Mindful Influence® Expert Coaching

Realize your fullest influencing potential with sustained, adaptive capabilities.

  • Address the mindset and behaviors dynamics that can hinder success.
  • Connect the dots between self-awareness, awareness of others, the impact of divergent values on individuals’ behavior, and the barriers that block your and others’ talents and abilities.
  • Achieve exponentially higher positive and productive outcomes, for yourself and your team.

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Mindful Influence® Expert Consulting

Propel your organization to surpass business goals.

  • See how some processes and structures aren’t aligned with what you and your people want and need to do.
  • Discover the underlying and often invisible organizational causes of leaders’ inability to tap into their people’s unique motivations.
  • Make needed changes, so the organization moves faster toward business goals.

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