Bridging the Difference® connects your people’s motivations with what you need.

Persuasion can be a zero-sum game. Attempts to get other people to do what you want without considering their motivations creates aversion and resistance. When you see heads nod, but don’t see supporting action, that’s a signal you need Mindful Influence®.

Innovative, deliberate, thoughtful, precise, flexible, impactful. You come from a place of true empathy for the person and the organization. That co-creates opportunities for us to come together with you to drive solutions.” —Group President, International Engineering Services Company

Mindful Influence® Workshops

Discover how to harness the energy of another person’s underlying needs and motivations. Gain skills related to your real work. Have a more significant influencing impact.

Galvanize others toward needed action by harnessing their underlying needs and motivations. Contact us.

Mindful Influence® Coaching

Realize your fullest influencing potential with sustained, adaptive capabilities.

  • Address the thinking and behaviors that can hinder greater success.
  • Connect the dots between self-awareness, awareness of others, the impact of divergent values on individual behavior, and the barriers that block your and others’ talents and abilities.
  • Achieve exponentially higher positive and productive outcomes, for yourself and your team.

Galvanize your unique abilities to realize your fullest influencing potential. Contact us.

Mindful Influence® Consulting

Propel your organization to surpass business goals.

  • See how some processes and structures aren’t aligned with what you and your people want and need to do.
  • Discover the underlying and often invisible organizational causes of leaders’ inability to tap into their people’s unique motivations.
  • Make needed changes, so the organization moves faster toward business goals.

Galvanize your organization to achieve positive and productive change. Contact us.