Bridging the Difference® meets a challenge with the solution that gets results.

You take the time to really learn about the organization. You ask thoughtful questions. Other consultants come in with an idea of what they think you should do. They push their solution instead of meeting us where we are with what we need. You deliver an empathetic process. That’s one of the reasons we know we can trust you.” —Strategy Execution Leader, International Healthcare Products Company

The challenge.

To meet investors’ expectations, a global health care products company needed to increase its speed from research, design, development, and production to distribution of new products.

The only way to get that efficiency without reducing quality was to improve the way project teams worked together.

The solution.

Bridging the Difference® transformed a task-focused project management culture to a team-focused project leadership culture.

The solution:

  • Strengthened Project Managers’ abilities to influence cross-functional teams, even when they didn’t have direct authority over team members.
  • Gave Project Managers a compelling, mind-set changing experience of how collaborative leadership creates bigger wins.
  • Provided Project Managers with new processes and tools to be more efficient.
  • Enabled Project Managers to better identify and mitigate risks earlier. 

GALVANIZE. Project Managers were asked to identify significant influencing challenges in their teams. These challenges were contributing to timeline slips, task accountability issues, and resources constraints. Project Managers used their challenges to practice new ways of connecting the work to be done to team members’ underlying motivations.  Unproductive team dynamics were resolved.

TRANSFORM. Leading people can be the most challenging aspect of project work. That’s why these Project Managers first examined their own leadership behaviors. They then invested in behavior shifts that would produce the biggest impact on team performance. Small shifts created big impact in their teams’ performance.

ACHIEVE. Project Managers identified their most painful meeting challenges, those leading to unproductive conflict, confusion, or delayed decision-making. Then they used those real work situations to apply methods for Bridging the Difference® from painful to gainful meetings. Project Managers’ say their meetings are now focused, productive and valued.

WIN TOGETHER.  Directors and executives came to see how, even with best intentions, they were unwittingly contributing to project churn and resources burn. Through expertly facilitated discussion of organization-specific data, they developed strategies for Bridging the Difference®. That’s how they are now helping, versus inadvertently hindering, continued project management success.

The results.

Share value increased by 14% in year one. This was a direct result of Project Managers’ new abilities to get new products to market faster. Formal rewards were put in place to recognize Project Managers who continue demonstrate the new definition of “what good looks like”.

Yet the biggest reward for Project Managers is the joy they experience when leading highly productive, motivated, collaborative, and engaged teams. When their teams deliver on time and in budget, they enable the company’s growth strategies. And that means everyone wins.

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