Mindful Influence® to Galvanize

Bridging the Difference® to connect people’s motivations with what you need done

  • Use an empathetic process to see unexpected ways others’ motivations can connect to outcomes needed.
  • Generate shared understanding and your people’s ability to adapt and grow.
  • Harness collective energy to catapult your organization forward faster.

Get research-based leadership best practices guidance and skills that help others see the benefits, value and how to work collaboratively day to day. Tap into what your people already know, do and are motivated toward. Galvanize. Contact us.

Intentional Meetings® to Achieve

Bridging the Difference® from painful to gainful

  • Apply a game-changing process to plan and lead meetings.
  • Glean wisdom and experience from everyone at the table.
  • Reduce frustration and save time.

Get research-based consulting, best practices guidance and leadership skills to achieve more in meetings. Have everyone in the group take ownership for what happens in, and after, meetings. Achieve. Contact us.

Align to Transform®

Bridging the Difference® from resistance to engagement

Answer the questions that enable strategy execution:

  • Why should I change the way I’ve been doing things?
  • If I start to do things differently, exactly what does good look like?
  • How do I get there?

Get organization consulting and world-class custom learning designed specifically for your firm. Turn resistance into engagement produce the outcomes you need. Transform. Contact us.

Team to Win®

Bridging the Difference® from individual competence to team brilliance

  • Prevent resources churn, talent burn, scope swirl and budget over-spends.
  • Converge siloed leadership practices into collective strength.
  • Produce more effective team dynamics and collaborative decision making that generates the best results for your team and your organization.

Get rigorous practical methods and practices that enable highly productive and effective teams. Win together. Contact us.

Lead to Succeed

Bridging the Difference® from theory to action

  • Make positive change a reality.

  • Engage in workshops that focus on your real work.
  • Develop high-impact, science-based leadership behaviors to galvanize, transform, achieve, and win!

Our communications, decision-making, leading, and project management workshops are delivered by experts who have been in your shoes. Lead to succeed. Let us show you how. Contact us.