Bridging the Difference® turns individual competence into team brilliance.

You helped us see how we could use our differences to do a better job holding each other up.” —Director, Medical Devices Manufacturer

Team to Win® Simulation Workshop

In a one-day game-based competition, teams of four face time, budget, scope and resources pressures while planning and executing with their virtual and their real team the required scheduling, resourcing, and risk management tasks. Powered by the internationally-acclaimed Simultrain® simulator, the highly realistic virtual project environment uses complex decision-tree programming to reveal and improve common behavior gaps in effective team decision-making.

Whether the simulated project is a production, re-org, product, marketing, e-commerce, or an IT initiative the challenges to win remain the same:

  • Keep your virtual project team and your real team engaged, with motivations aligned to deliver on Team to Win / Bridging the Differencetime, within budget, and with high quality.
  • Attend to your virtual stakeholders’ and teammates’ continuous needs for communication and recognition.
  • Keep your virtual and real team motivation high while under pressure against emerging project constraints.

Win consistently through more collaborative project leadership. Contact us.

Team to Win® Consulting

Converge siloed leadership practices into collective strength. Become a more collaborative team as teammates recognize how the quality of their collective relationships determines whether or not they can win consistently.

  • See what’s underneath unproductive relationship patterns and address it to bring out the best in each other—for the good of the Team to WinTM consultingorganization and its people.
  • Gain insights as to which relationships merit investments of time and energy to improve.
  • Sequence your teaming improvement efforts to get rapid traction for winning bigger.

Win by levering-up team strengths and for more productive collective efforts. Reap the benefits of better decision making and enjoy better relationships. Contact us.

Charter to Win® Consulting

Every business is under pressure to move forward faster.  Yet too many change initiatives stretch resources too thin. Charter to Win® consulting helps you:

  • Productively measure new initiatives’ relative value and priority against strategic goals so you reach the best go/no-go decisions.
  • Balance your organization’s strategic needs against resources constraints.
  • Prevent resources churn, talent burn, scope swirl and budget over-spends.

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