Bridging the Difference® from individual competence to team brilliance

You helped us see how we could use our differences to do a better job holding each other up.” —Director, Medical Devices Manufacturer

In most work situations, people are members of multiple, even cross-functional, teams. That sort of matrix can result in suboptimal outcomes and fraught with frustration and inefficiencies. You can turn that churn into winning dynamics. Reap the rewards of your collective talents and wisdom.

Team to Win® Workshops

Win together. Contact us.

Mindful Influence® Team Building Session

In one day, get better at driving toward a common purpose.

  • Generate awareness about how to tap into each other’s motivations.
  • Discover how controlling behaviors can create aversion and resistance.
  • Connect individuals’ values with your collective values.
  • Develop shared purpose and goals.

Galvanize your team to work more cohesively by discovering how everyone’s influence levers connect to shared goals. Contact us.

Team to Win® Consulting

Converge siloed leadership practices into collective strength. Become a more collaborative team as teammates recognize how the quality of their collective relationships determines whether or not they can win consistently.

  • See what’s underneath unproductive relationship patterns and address it to bring out the best in each other—for the good of the
    organization and its people.
  • Gain insights as to which relationships merit investments of time and energy to improve.
  • Sequence your teaming improvement efforts to get rapid traction for winning bigger.

Win by levering-up team strengths and for more productive collective efforts. Reap the benefits of better decision making and enjoy better relationships. Contact us.