Align to Transform®: Driving Change

Bridging the Difference® from Change Resistance to Readiness

Driving change is one of the most important responsibilities of organizational leaders.

Yet 70% of organizational change efforts fail to meet budgets, schedules, and other measures of quality and satisfaction. Your ability to align, energize, and motivate your people to embrace change is critical.

Align to Transform®: Driving Change sessions weave cognitive, psychodynamic, and humanistic change models with practical application to your real work situations. You'll gain the necessary insights to create an action plan that enables your team to meet the goals of a real change effort at your company.

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Humanistic Change Theory and Models

The design and content of the Team to Win®: Driving Change session reflects principles put forth in the following change theories and models.

  • Adams, Hayes, & Hopson’s Change Curve
  • Beckhard’s Change Formula
  • Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry Model
  • Green, Holder, & Cameron’s Three Dimensions of Leadership
  • Hackman’s Theory on Team Dynamics
  • Herzberg’s Theory X and Theory Y and Motivating Factors
  • Kolb’s Learning Cycle
  • Kotter’s Eight-Step Change Model
  • Kübler-Ross’s Process of Change and Adjustment
  • Lewin’s Three-Stage Model of Change
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™
  • Perl’s Cycle of Experience and Change Process
  • Satir’s Human Validation Process Model
  • Schein’s Model of Transformational Change
  • Weinberg’s Psychodynamic Approach to Change

You can't drive change without empathy.


Take stock. Assess yourself. Get an immediate picture of your empathy skills.

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