Bridging the Difference® from resistance to engagement                             

Most of the time, strategies fail.

If you Google “why strategy implementations fail,” you’ll get 250,000+ results. There’s a good reason for that:  Gallup reports that 70% of change initiatives don’t succeed. There are many opinions about why, but they come down to the big two: resistance and lack of alignment.

Transform resistance. Move to tomorrow’s vision.

Align to Transform® provides the methods you need to transform resistance and move from today’s world to tomorrow’s vision. With alignment, everyone in the organization is ready and able to clearly and accurately talk about how their own set of goals and tasks contribute to the strategic plan.

We focus your efforts on bridging the difference® between resistance to change and strategy realization.

You brought us together in a way that we could react, and when the time came, you were able to synthesize in a way that drove us to make the decisions we needed to.”—CEO, International Nonprofit Organization