Bridging the difference® from individual to team excellence

You got us on the same page by asking open questions that let us discover why we were doing what we were doing. That helped us understand where each other was coming from, even when we didn’t agree. The ‘aha’ was our perceptions about our team functioning weren’t in alignment with what was real. You showed us how to make what we wanted a reality.”—Director, Multinational Insurance Company

Is your organization’s performance primarily achieved through teams?

  • Are those teams functioning at their highest and best?
  • Are your teams producing higher-quality outcomes than those of other groups?
  • If team members are part of multiple cross-functional teams, is that matrix fraught with frustration or inefficiencies?

We designed this real-work based program for teams that want to quickly become higher-performing. We focus on enhancing the collective experience of the team to achieve higher levels of performance, productivity, flexibility, and innovation. Your team gains new insights about the dynamics currently in play and gains practical tools to lead, develop, and sustain healthy, innovative, and successful team dynamics. Together, you transform heightened awareness into actionable steps to improve, even when doing complex team work.

  1. Team Learning Inventory (TLI™). Team members complete their first instance of a structured, valid, and reliable inventory that measures and maps their team interaction. TLI™ provides a portrait of how your team experiences the actual way it functions day to day, compared to team members’ desired experience. Qualities measured include engagement, active listening, ability to perform at one’s individual best, solidarity, fulfillment of tasks or projects, influencing one another, sharing power, innovating, and collaborating.
  2. Initial 3-Hour Workshop. Through facilitated dialogue, team members examine their collective TLI™ results to gain new insights about the team’s unique dynamics: how team members’ styles, adaptabilities, ways of processing information, decision-making, and the ways they interact strongly influence the everyday experiences of the team.
  3. Team Coaching. Through just-in-time coaching, always in the context of the team performing its real work, team leaders gain a deeper understanding of how the team can further develop. They craft a plan to guide and engage with their team in healthy, productive interaction. Team members build flexibility across diverse work situations, using eight distinct teaming skills to connect, fulfill tasks or projects, influence one another, and develop their collective ability to innovate and collaborate.
  4. Team Learning Inventory (TLI™). The second TLI™ instance demonstrates the degree of improvement in the team’s desired functioning and performance.
  5. Concluding 3-Hour Workshop. Through facilitated dialogue, the team examines its new collective TLI™ results to gain clarity about how to actualize outcomes above the team’s former desired state.

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