Build Networks and Sponsorship

chalk board drawing of networking

chalk board drawing of networking

Bridging the Difference® from Mentorship to Table Pounders

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

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“Understanding the difference between sponsorship and mentorship is key to ensuring that women and members of historically marginalized communities (HMCs) are fully supported in their careers."
— Harvard Business Review

If your organization has a mentorship program, your high-potential talent is probably getting valuable advice. But it’s a fact: women and people of color are often over-mentored, getting far more advice they can act upon, but they are usually under-sponsored. Do you want more table-pounding for their leadership advancement?

It starts with the individual, how they are intentional about getting noticed, how they advocate for themselves.

Host an in-person or virtual workshop at your organization, facilitated by Betty Johnson, Ph.D. Your high-potential leaders will discover how to be strategic with their relationship network, including identifying and maximizing opportunities with those who can act as sponsors.

In this workshop, your high-potential leaders will map their relationship networks to uncover potential allies for advancing their careers. They will action plan for ways they’d like those allies to amplify their accomplishments and boost their reputations. They’ll practice making “the ask”, including relationship-appropriate asks for inclusion in new networks.

Provide your high-potential talent with the relationship-savvy skills they need to build allyship and increase senior leaders’ positive impressions, including expectations of their potential and their readiness for advancement.

Simple, straightforward, and powerful. Let's get started.