WE GET IT. We’re not just theorists. We’re not just trainers. We’re leaders and practitioners, too.

You take the time to really learn about the organization, ask thoughtful questions. Other consultants come in with an idea of what they think you should do, pushing their solution instead of meeting us where we are with what we need. I keep coming back to empathy; you deliver an empathetic process whereby we feel like they can trust you.”—SVP Research & Development, Technology Organization

Each expert on our team has 15+ years’ corporate experience leading programs, projects, and groups of people. Our solutions reflect substantial workplace expertise and research-based methods.

Bridging the difference® between where you are now and where you want to go.

  • We create results with our proprietary methods.
  • Our work with you is practical and grounded in theory.
  • We customize everything we do so you get the results you need.
Betty Johnson, Ph.D. candidate

Betty is the founder and President of Bridging the Difference.

A certified Master Coach, Betty has a Masters of Science degree in Leadership & Change and is a Ph.D. candidate at Antioch University. Her dissertation research explores how leaders can generate higher accomplishment and positive relationships in their workplace meetings. Betty is pursuing this terminal degree prior to completing her studies toward an MBA at Queens University. A lifelong learner about organizational effectiveness, as an undergrad she coupled her degree in English with graduate-level studies in Industrial Psychology.

Betty’s proprietary Mindful Influence®, Intentional Meetings®, Align to Transform®, Charter to Win®, and Team to Win® solutions focus on helping people reach their highest potential. Download Betty’s bio.

Deborah Bosley, Ph.D.

Deborah helps professionals at Fortune 1000/500 organizations and government agencies create written content that is easy to understand. Using proven Plain Language writing and design strategies, Deborah’s signature methods help you achieve marketing and regulatory compliance goals.

Deborah has made more than 100 presentations to organizations in the U.S., Mexico, England, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and France. She is the author of three books and more than two dozen published articles on clear communication. Deborah’s expertise is much-sought: Time Magazine, Investment News, The Wall Street Journal, The Transaction World, and Employee Benefits have all published interviews with her. She also serves as an expert witness.

Denise Brown, PMP

Denise provides project managers with best practices and essential skills to lead projects to success.

Denise’s workshops couple PMI® rigor with her vast experience in successfully managing multi-million-dollar projects around the world. She offers expert knowledge in data analysis, process mapping, IT, Lean Six-Sigma, Microsoft® Project, PMP® preparation, program management, and Project Management Office (PMO).

Erik Van Slyke, MBA, Ph.D. candidate

Erik advises some of the world’s leading organizations on how to create and navigate change and improve organizational effectiveness. His workshops and consulting reflect expertise in strategic thinking, strategic planning, and change management.

Erik’s blog is read in more than 80 countries around the world. His articles and quotes on change, leadership, and business strategy have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Fortune, Business Horizons, CIO, and HR Executive. Erik’s book, Listening to Conflict, was named a Top 30 Business Book of 1999. The book has been published in multiple languages and was reissued in paperback in 2009.

Sonya Barnes, BA, MSA 

Sonya helps professionals intentionally cultivate the way others perceive them. Using globally-proven Image Mastery methods, Sonya enables leaders to project positive image appearance, behaviors, and communications.

Sonya works with Fortune 100 Companies such as General Electric, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. Her brand image client base extends as far as Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

Tiffani Greene, J.D., CCEP

Tiffani combines her credentials as a PROSCI Certified Change Professional with her experience as Principal and Associate General Counsel, Senior Compliance Officer, Chief Compliance Attorney, and Tax and ERISA attorney. She shows corporations how to adjust their business operations to stay ahead in the compliance game.

Tiffani’s signature compliance and communications workshops help leaders act proactively with, instead of reactive to, regulatory change.