Bridging the difference® from change resistance to readiness

You showed us how to help others navigate the ebbs and flows of change. We got a tool kit to help us pick up the pieces when our efforts weren’t getting results. It was business oriented but I can use this in my personal life, too, when people are at a crossroads, trying to figure out where and how to go.”—SVP Global Integration Team, Professional Services Company

Driving change is one of the most important responsibilities of organizational leaders.

  • Your ability to align, energize, and motivate your people to embrace new initiatives, Driving Changeand the behavior shifts that accompany them, is critical.
  • Yet, countless studies show leaders have a tough slog with this.
  • 70% of organizational change efforts fail to meet budgets, schedules, and other measures of quality and satisfaction.

The Team to Win® Driving Change session equips you with the necessary insights,  skills, and tools to produce commitment and enable people behaviors to meet the goals of a real work change effort.

We weave together cognitive, psychodynamic, and humanistic change theory and models. But our focus is their practical application to your real work situations.

1/2-day session activities and outcomes
  1. Get increased clarity about the inevitable people-related challenges that arise during change efforts.
  2. Discover why some approaches to change produce the opposite of what you intend.
  3. Gain a powerful framework for understanding the sources of resistance and how to address them.
  4. Apply the framework to your real work situations.
  5. Identify readiness and the degree to which people are ready and able to embrace the change.
  6. Develop approaches to address concerns, navigate politics, maintain organization performance, and influence others’ commitment and behaviors to achieve the goals of the change.

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