Bridging the difference® from challenges to breakthrough agreements

I enjoyed your workshop and the style in which you delivered it. It was a thought provoking experience; I got to know my team on a new level.”—Strategic Sourcing Leader, Global Procurement, Technologies Firm

Speed. Innovation. Change. These are mandates that fuel business growth.

  • Yet the seeming contradictions of these demands inevitably produce conflict.
  • Leaders must create environments that stimulate ideas and interaction without provoking destructive battles.
  • How agreements are reached either builds or damages team members’ sense of value, engagement in teamwork, and group productivity.

This session unveils the techniques that keep conflict productive so decisions stick and teams thrive.

  1. Understand the difference between productive and unproductive conflict.
  2. See how individual conflict styles affect approaches to resolution.
  3. Identify your conflict style and gauge others’ style.
  4. Discover how feelings, attitudes, and behavior work together in response to conflict.
  5. Learn how being “right” creates the fight and how to change this critical dynamic.
  6. Understand the process of constructive conflict resolution.
  7. Apply the process of constructive conflict resolution in real-work scenarios.
  8. Experience how reflective listening helps manage resistance and reveals new opportunities for agreement and resolution.
  9. Practice reflective listening, proactive confronting, and influencing to resolve a conflict.
  10. Differentiate between difficult people and difficult behavior, including passive-aggressive behavior.
  11. Gain techniques for managing conflict when you don’t have power and authority.
  12. Learn how to assert yourself and confront unacceptable behavior before it escalates into a destructive dispute.

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