Bridging the difference® from meeting drain to group gain

We were sick of back to back meetings that just created more meetings. Intentional Meetings® improved our decision-making; the decisions we make stick. No more circular conversations.”—Project Manager, Medical Technologies Company

Meetings that aren’t intentional are a drain. They siphon off time, energy, work relationships, and money.

When you hear, “I’m sick of back to back meetings that just create more meetings,” that’s a message that your organization needs to improve your meeting culture.

  1. We work with you to identify the specific processes and structures that systemically create frustrations in meetings across your organization.
  2. We recommend fixes so you can eliminate the frustrations.
  3. We help you generate shared understanding across the organization for what good meetings look like.
  4. We work with your leaders to bridge silos so everyone is accountable for holding meetings that accomplish more and build positive relationships.
  1. We observe your internal talent in action and help them identify opportunities to deepen their facilitation capabilities.
  2. We work with your talent one-on-one to show them how to increase group effectiveness, eliminate stuckness, and support positive relationship-building.
  3. Your internal talent to sustains the culture change.

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