Bridging the Difference® from cross-purposes to collaborative

Thanks to your facilitation, we got it done the first time, rather than the third time. And we kept moving forward, instead of going in a circle.—Managing Director, Research & Development Firm

Intentional Meetings® FacilitationAre your team members cross-purposed in resolving an issue or making a decision? Are you struggling to generate team-wide commitment to a direction? Do you want to accomplish more while also building positive relationships?

Your leaders work hard to achieve goals in their silos. Harness that work ethic when you come together to make decisions that are best for your organization.

Intentional Meetings® facilitation helps you work together to achieve the outcomes you need. We expertly guide you to:

  • Engage motivations, intentions, and styles to bridge toward positive and productive outcomes.
  • Build team member appreciation and respect for the validity of different opinions.
  • Drive for wise, shared, committed decision-making.
  1. Before the meeting, we help your team get clear about exactly what is to be accomplished, so you efficiently achieve the outcomes you need.
  2. We also help your team members see how to accomplish those objectives by leveraging their unique collection of problem-solving strengths.
  3. Then we help you generate accountability by producing an agenda that everyone owns.
  4. During the meeting, we elicit different perspectives from your team to guide you in making decisions that stick.
  5. We show you how to self-assess the way your team is working together, and target what you can do to achieve even more.
  6. And we provide gentle guidance for building positive interactions between team members, tips you can carry into future meetings.

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