Bridging the difference® from contributing to influencing

“I’m excited for more transparent and focused meetings!”—Senior Marketing Manager, Water, Hygiene and Energy Technology Firm

Tired of going to meetings where it seems your views aren’t heard?

  • Do you attend meetings and wonder why you’re even there?
  • Want to better influence policies, strategies, and decisions?
  • Next time you receive an invitation to a meeting that matters to you, don’t just click “accept.”
  • Instead, invest 20 minutes to ensure you contribute to positive outcomes and others will hear your voice.

In this half-day clinic, those who participate in meetings initiate initiated by others learn specific methods to influence for better results without unproductive conflict. Standard content is customized for each organization so that scenarios and examples are true-to-life, enabling you to apply principles immediately to your real work challenges.

Objectively examine how you can more effectively influence what gets on the meeting table. Practice against your real upcoming work meetings, so you immediately transfer insights for contributing to success back on the job.

1/2-day workshop activities and outcomes
  1. Consider five essential questions before attending any meeting.
  2. Demonstrate support to the person who initiated the meeting while also getting clear about their intentions.
  3. Secure a place on the agenda to speak about the topics you care about most.
  4. In the meeting, speak your truth, starting with the facts and how you interpret them.
  5. Confirm whether others have heard you.
  6. Be open to hearing the truth as others see it.
  7. Make requests for what you’d like to happen next.
  8. Demonstrate support to the person who initiated the meeting, even when you don’t agree with the decisions made.
  9. Create shared understanding:  focus on interests instead of positions.

Speak your truth™ to gain influence in the meetings you attend. Contact us.