Intentional Meetings® Workshop

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Bridging the Difference® from Exhausted to Energized

Tired of back-to-back meetings where people arrive late, the talk is off-topic, and dead air drags everyone down? Get the straightforward recipe to cook up meetings people are eager to have on their plates.

Based on neuroscience and current behavioral research, in this experiential learning workshop, you will redesign your upcoming virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings, so they are useful and energizing for everyone.

Improve your communications, strengthen your relationships, and generate decisions that stick. Accomplish more in less time while creating group trust, psychological safety, and inclusion.

Want proof it works?

Simple, straightforward, and powerful. Let’s get started!

Intentional Meetings® is even more powerful when you participate with your team members.
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  • 2-hour virtual workshop
  • June 1, 2022  9:00 am – 11:00 am Eastern
  • $400 per person
  • $299 each for two or more people registering at the same time
Learn Together, with Your Team

Intentional Meetings® creates even more powerful results when you learn and your entire team learn together!

  • Customized workshop
  • Onsite, virtual, or hybrid
  • Flexible dates

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Intentional Meetings® Essentials

Behavioral, neuroscience and social sciences research shows: With performance, what really matters is how your team gets the work done together.

Intentional Meetings® focuses on the Six Essential Gets that bring out the best in people.

Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationship-building, Meaning, and Accomplishment. Every time.

Get Clearer
Hone your meeting purpose and target outcomes.

Get Collaboration and Idea-Sharing
Create an agenda that welcomes and needed voices.

Get the Right Decision the First Time
Get input from the right people, so the decisions stick, and manage spectator interference.

Get Listening and Talking
Generate good turn-taking, foster curiosity, and help others avoid the fight for who’s right.

Get SMART and Stay SMART
Create shared accountability for what everyone does after the meeting.

What Participants Say

5 star reviews
"The thing I really liked was it was more than just a process: it was a mind shift. We are now more efficient."
— Senior Engineer, U.S. Medical Device Design and Manufacturer

5 star reviews
"There’s less stress, less frustration. We now save time because everyone is rowing at the same pace in the same direction. That improves gross margin, gross profit, innovation, and cost savings."
— Director Site Operations, Global Biopharma Tech Company

5 star reviews
"I love how the focus was on our real work. It wasn’t just listening and hoping I could find ways to apply practices later. I used them in the workshop, in real-time, and got immediate impact. It even helped me get some meetings off my calendar!"
— Director Global Procurement, Healthcare Logistics Organization

5 star reviews
"In the workshop, I redesigned my big meeting with the leadership team. My executive said, “This meeting was great. Can you show us how to do more like this?”
— Product Development Program Leader, Global Chemical Manufacturer

Vido, in-person and hybrid meetings

Whether Your Meetings are by Video, Hybrid, or In-Person

  • Deepen your awareness of how your current practices impact team performance—during and after your meetings.
  • Expand your understanding of how to put yourself in others’ seats, so you do what they (and you) need to make meetings energizing.
  • Develop effective, non-reactive communication techniques that promote collaboration.
  • Curb long-windedness, so you get relevant wisdom and experience from all attendees.
  • Demonstrate transparency that builds trust.
  • Learn practical actions you can take to build a culture that fosters trust and inclusion and leverages diversity.
  • Understand how you can make meetings places where people thrive.

Betty Johnson, PhD

Meet Your Expert Facilitator

Dr. Betty Johnson is a career-long learner of organizational effectiveness. She encapsulates her deep expertise in meeting science in her Ph.D. dissertation, her book Making Virtual Work, and her Insights.

Making Virtual Work, by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

Every participant receives a copy of Dr. Betty Johnson’s new research-based book, Making Virtual Work: How to Build Performance and Relationships.

5 star reviews
Dr. Johnson tells us in just one hour what to do so we get more done, build better relationships, and get rid of those useless video meetings that waste so much time. A must-read!”
Marshall Goldsmith