Bridging the Difference® from painful to gainful meetings

We were sick of spending all our days in back to back meetings. You showed us how to shift our meeting culture to get more done, with less conflict, in a shorter amount of time.” — Managing Director, Global Insurance Company

Consider the last few meetings you initiated:

  • Did people arrive late, leave early, or not show?
  • Did people multitask on other work versus focus on the decisions to be made in your meeting?
  • Did the conversation go too far off-topic?
  • Were decisions delayed because you didn’t have all the information needed?
  • If the meeting was virtual, was there dead air?
  • Were you frequently asked, “Would you please repeat the question?”
  • Did you find out later some people in the meeting didn’t fully support the decisions made or understood them differently than intended?

Meetings like this are a drain. They siphon off time, energy, work relationships, and money.

If these symptoms are familiar, if you hear, “I’m sick of back to back meetings that just create more meetings,” that’s a message that your organization needs Intentional Meetings®.

Intentional Meetings® is a proven process that moves meetings from painful to gainful. It’s simple, straightforward, and powerful.

Intentional Meetings® Workshops

Intentional Meetings® Facilitation Workshop

Use your real work to discover how to more effectively lead by leveraging the collective energy and wisdom in the room. 

  • Reduce individual and collective meeting frustration.

  • Reduce and resolve the conflict that may arise by people arriving late, not contributing or dominating the conversation.
  • Ensure decisions made in the meeting stick after the meeting.
  • See more details.

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Intentional Meetings® Speak Your Truth™ Clinic

Discover how to influence the outcomes of meetings you attend.

  • Influence the content, structure, and outcomes of meetings you attend.
  • Make better use of your and others’ time.
  • Improve your working relationships through collaboration that leverages diverse insights and expertise.
  • See more details.

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Intentional Meetings® Expert Facilitation

Strategic planning meeting. Those three words are loaded with dread. Often what one team member advocates for—to achieve individual success—is at odds with what other team members want for their success. That makes decision-making contentious versus collaborative. 

Your leaders work hard to achieve goals in their silos. Harness that ethic so you come together to make decisions that are best for the organization.

  • Harness collective motivations to bridge toward positive and productive outcomes.
  • Build team member appreciation and respect for the validity of each other’s opinions and intentions.
  • Drive for wise, shared decision-making.

Achieve with Intentional Meetings® expert facilitation. Contact us.

Intentional Meetings® Expert Coaching

Build sustained, adaptive capabilities for applying Intentional Meeting® principles toward your real-work situational challenges.

  • Lead others toward action or change.
  • Prevent unproductive conflict.
  • Generate more collaborative decision-making by uncovering potential derailments on the front-end.

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Intentional Meetings® Expert Consulting

Meetings that aren’t intentional are a drain. They siphon off time, energy, work relationships, and money. When you hear, “Im sick of back to back meetings that just create more meetings,that’s a message that your organization needs to improve your meeting culture.

  • Address the meeting processes and structures that create frustration in your organization.
  • Intentionally inculcate specific best-practices for how your organization’s meetings are planned and conducted.
  • Generate shared understanding across the organization for what good meetings look like.

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