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Tired of back-to-back meetings where people arrive late, the talk is off-topic, and dead air drags everyone down? These are symptoms of a much bigger problem.

And here’s the skinny: You might be making things worse.

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Making Virtual Work, How to Build Performance and Relationships by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

How to Build Performance and Relationships

Find out what scientific research has discovered about video meetings.
From the book... “The clock is ticking and every day is Blursday. Virtual workers are begging us to lighten their load, to remove the burdens, the hassles, and the irritants that come with video meetings. If we listen—if we put ourselves in their seats—we can act in ways that lift those burdens. We can, together, uplift people in their virtual workplaces so they thrive."
5 star review

“While the competing interests about and conflicting needs for camera use in video meetings persist, Dr. Johnson provides a disarmingly simple response: do what others need. In this book, through the authentic voices of her research participants, she tells you exactly what it is they want and how you can do it, starting now.”
Mike Valentine, J.D., Ph.D. Former VP Human Resources, New York Times Media, Clinical Professor of Human Capital Management, NYU

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Attend a live virtual workshop facilitated by Dr. Betty Johnson, author of Making Virtual Work: How to Build Performance and Relationships. In just 90 minutes you'll discover the research-tested process for high-energy meetings and apply it to your next important meeting.

5 star review
“I can tell that Betty genuinely wants to help others become more successful and effective in managing meetings.  I particularly enjoyed the psychology aspects of the training – how our job as meeting facilitators is to ease anxiety from uncertainty.  The very important meeting I held with leadership was a great success. We achieved the result we wanted.”
— Senior Operations Consultant, Surgical Products Company

$440 for an individual registration, $299 each when registering 2 or more people.

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