Bridging the Difference® from painful to gainful 

Meetings that aren’t intentional are a pain.

  • People arrive late, leave early, or no-show.
  • They multitask on other work versus focus on the decisions to be made.
  • The conversation goes too far off-topic.
  • Decisions are delayed due to lack of the information or the wrong people.
  • Dead air is followed by, “Would you please repeat the question?”

Go from painful to gainful.

Use proven process to accomplish more and build better relationships. It’s simple, straightforward, and powerful.

Intentional Meetings® Services  Intentional Meetings® Case Study

We were sick of spending all our days in back to back meetings. You showed us how to shift our meeting culture to get more done, with less conflict, in a shorter amount of time.” — Managing Director, Global Insurance Company