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Move forward as the successful leader you’re destined to be.

Use a validated assessment to discover what others have to say about how you show up. In high-impact, future-focused coaching, use new insights to decide how you want to move forward using your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.

Get expert insights and guidance for bringing to reality your unique plan for moving forward: stronger, better, even more effective.

Create your plan for continuous growth and put it to work for measurable, meaningful results. Improve how you communicate, focus your energy, monitor and provide resources, build organizational support, build and make use of team skills, build commitment, clarify the mission, coordinate activities, manage conflict, support team members, promote team learning, foster innovation, encourage feedback, and reward performance.

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5 star review
“Betty brought a fresh perspective to leadership for me to learn from. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and scientific approach to things. I also liked how she challenged my thinking on items and allowed me to see a different perspective.”
— Vice President, Multi-National Professional Services Firm

Making Virtual Work, How to Build Performance and Relationships by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

How to Build Performance and Relationships

Find out what scientific research has discovered about video meetings.
From the book... “The clock is ticking and every day is Blursday. Virtual workers are begging us to lighten their load, to remove the burdens, the hassles, and the irritants that come with video meetings. If we listen—if we put ourselves in their seats—we can act in ways that lift those burdens. We can, together, uplift people in their virtual workplaces so they thrive."
“Betty's book reminds us: meetings are not a technology tool. Every meeting is a social construct where, if we get it right, people come together to lift each other up to higher levels of performance and belonging.”
— Charlotte Roberts, author of “The Fifth Discipline,” “The Dance of Change,” and “The Mindful Board”

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