Making Virtual Work, How to Build Performance and Relationships by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

How to Build Performance and Relationships

Find out what scientific research has discovered about video meetings.
From the book... “The clock is ticking and every day is Blursday. Virtual workers are begging us to lighten their load, to remove the burdens, the hassles, and the irritants that come with video meetings. If we listen—if we put ourselves in their seats—we can act in ways that lift those burdens. We can, together, uplift people in their virtual workplaces so they thrive."

Praise for Making Virtual Work

5 star review
“Dr. Johnson has spent decades studying leadership and empathy, and here she tells us in just one hour what to do so we get more done, build better relationships, and get rid of those useless video meetings that waste so much time. A must read!”
— Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

5 star review
“This book reveals how to create better conditions of psychological safety in video meetings. Indeed, it is hard to demonstrate mutual respect if video meetings force virtual workers to act like game show contestants and be the first to hit their unmute buttons else miss a narrow window to contribute. Let’s do better with each other. Read the book.”
— Amy Edmondson, Ph.D., Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School and best-selling author of The Fearless Organization, Teaming to Innovate, and Building the Future

5 star review
“Get this book. Listen to the virtual workers who say they are captives chained to their chairs. Do what they tell you to do so they—and you—break free from exhaustion.”
— Mark Goulston, Ph.D., M.D., Psychiatrist, consultant, passionate social activist, and author/co-author of nine books on listening, thinking, and taking action that helps others

5 star review
“How do you be a wise leader in a virtual work world? This book guides and inspires leaders to apply empathy and design effective virtual meetings. Betty Johnson provides a pragmatic and research-based guide to make virtual work work. It is a guide and inspiration that all leaders need right now.”
— Jane Dutton, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration and Psychology at the University of Michigan and author of multiple books and more than 100 research papers and monographs on bringing out the best in employees and organizations

5 star review
“While the competing interests about and conflicting needs for camera use in video meetings persist, Dr. Johnson provides a disarmingly simple response: do what others need. In this book, through the authentic voices of her research participants, she tells you exactly what it is they want and how you can do it, starting now.”
— Mike Valentine, J.D., Ph.D., Former VP Human Resources, New York Times Media; Clinical Professor of Human Capital Management, NYU

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