Bridging the difference® from resistance to genuine agreement

Excellent. Great information. Very lively conversation and the class was quick and stimulating. Helped me identify the other side’s reasoning and motivations.”—Project Leader, Nuclear Power Company

Attempts at persuasion can be zero-sum games.

  • Trying to get other people to do what you want without considering their motivations creates aversion, resistance, and conflict.
  • When heads nod but supporting action doesn’t follow, everyone loses.
  • Getting genuine commitment from others requires you to recognize how you may be unwittingly creating an aversion to change.

Find out how to turn what others may perceive as a threat into promised reward. This workshop provides practical, repeatable methods for bridging the difference® from dead-end persuasion attempts to solid shared commitments.

1-day workshop activities and outcomes
  1. Recognize triggers that can derail influencing attempts.
  2. Connect the importance of empathy to the desired change.
  3. Communicate to minimize threat and maximize emotional reward.
  4. Know when and how to check out assumptions and inferences to reach stronger agreements.
  5. Recognize how to apply the 5 Ps of persuasion.
  6. Apply a communications power tool to resolve a real-work influencing barrier.
  7. Interact with others in ways that demonstrate recognition of and respect for the drivers of human social needs.
  8. Recognize the essential links between emotional triggers and false assumptions.
  9. Reduce the possibility of acting on false assumptions.
  10. Apply new understanding of triggers and assumptions to a real-work influencing situation.
  11. Apply the 5Ps of persuasion to a specific real-work situation to maximize emotional rewards for others and minimize what they see as threats to their underlying needs.
  12. Practice putting the tools together to reach stronger agreements.

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