Bridging the difference® from winging it to winning it

This workshop makes us all better professionals.—Senior Vice President, Global Investment Firm

When it comes to negotiations, even with high stakes in play, most people “wing it.”

Think about the last time you were in high-stakes negotiations.

  • Were you thinking only about where to begin, where you hoped to end up, and your bottom line?
  • Were you seeking “buy-in” for your solution?
  • Did you fully understand what was at stake for the other parties?

Negotiations that ensure long-lasting commitment by both parties require whole-win propositions. When the stakes are high, using a proven method for positively influencing the outcomes of your negotiations.

This Mindful Influence® workshop combines modern neuroscience with sound, strategic, tactical principles to enable business negotiations that produce satisfying gains for all parties. When you focus on whole-win purpose, others’ perceptions, shared problem-solving, “yesable” propositions, and sound process, you succeed because everyone gets what they need.

  1. Get clear on your negotiating purpose, including your range of acceptable outcomes.
  2. Discover how to apply negotiation strategies and behaviors that you pace with the six natural stages of agreeing.
  3. Use neurolinguistics to identify how others’ need to hear your message.
  4. Role-play how to flex your communication style to accommodate others’ needs.
  5. More deftly uncover others’ bottom line while not losing sight of your own.
  6. Understand how perceptions matter more than facts.
  7. Role-play how to reframe your positions as interests and help others do the same.
  8. Demonstrate reflective listening in ways that trigger others’ neurological reward response.
  9. Practice identifying and proposing “yes-able” actions.
  10. Anticipate common causes of negotiations derailment.
  11. Throughout the workshop, incrementally apply what you learn to form a plan for an upcoming real-work negotiation.
  12. Practice applying the negotiation process with that real work opportunity.

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