Bridging the difference® from lackluster to engaging presentations

Thanks to your workshop, my presentation to executive stakeholders changed their minds. I made the case for what we needed, and I got it. My boss said, ‘you nailed it.'”—Project Leader, Technical Services Firm

Ever wowed by someone else’s presentation? Some people know how to make it look so easy! It’s quite an accomplishment to be able to deliver that kind of impact yourself.

  • Ensure you are viewed in a favorable light when presenting information, whether in person or virtually.

  • Increase the esteem in which your audience regards your professional capabilities.
  • Make strategic shifts in how you present, so others see you as capable, optimistic, engaging and able to lead a room toward consensus.

This workshop provides practical, repeatable methods for bridging the difference® from lackluster to engaging, energizing, and compelling presentations.

  1. Meet the audience’s expectations for attire and appearance.
  2. Maintain appropriate eye contact vs. scanning, glancing or avoiding.
  3. Focus on audience needs, not what the PowerPoint shows.
  4. Manage the room, so everyone’s primary focus is on you versus the PowerPoint.
  5. Avoid “death by PowerPoint.” Recognize the ideal limit for PowerPoint details.
  6. Keep your audience engaged by knowing the best ways to leverage handouts.
  7. Interact with the audience in ways that demonstrate recognition of and respect for the drivers of human social needs.
  8. Actively solicit and welcome questions from the audience throughout your presentation.
  9. Provide information and respond to questions with executive-level detail; know when and how to delve more-in-depth.
  10. Gain techniques to eliminate your fidgeting, pacing, or overuse of “ums” and “ers” when speaking.
  11. Speak with volume that can be heard by all, and at a pace that keeps the audience with you.

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