Mindful Influence®

Bridging the Difference® from Resistance to Agreement

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”
— John Maxwell

Are you tired of coaxing, cajoling, and trying to rope people in? Does their acquiescence or compliance quickly fall flat?

Manage up, down, and across better by tapping into others’ motivations.

Host an in-person or virtual workshop at your organization, facilitated by Betty Johnson, Ph.D. Your leaders will discover the research-tested process for overcoming resistant, dug-in positions and apply it to their thorniest, real work situations.

Leverage others’ values and interests to lift people out of entrenched positions so you reach mutually beneficial agreements. Pave the way for new agreements. Keep your high-value talent secure, engaged, and committed.

Up, down, and across your organization, shift potential conflict toward collaborative solutions. Prevent personality clashes and adverse emotional reactions. Produce positive engagement and breakthrough results.

Simple, straightforward, and powerful. Let's get started.

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Participate with leaders from other firms in a two-hour live workshop with an expert facilitator. Using your real work opportunities, you’ll discover how to use a science-based model grounded in empathy to address a thorny issue in your organization so you move forward together.

5 star review
“The workshop you did with us is unique. A lot of companies do the same things. But I have not seen anything like Mindful Influence® anywhere. It’s not a packaged product we are supposed to fit. You fit your work to us.”
— CEO, International Non-Profit Leadership Development Organization

Making Virtual Work, How to Build Performance and Relationships by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

How to Build Performance and Relationships

Are you open to influence? Find out what scientific research has to say about that.
From the book... “When you conduct a meeting where, as workers say, their role is “to look at a PowerPoint and listen as [you] talk,” you show an unwillingness to share ownership of how the conversation unfolds. You imply inflexibility. That inflexibility suggests a reluctance to being influenced. If you are reluctant about being influenced, they see any contribution they might make as futile."
“In her book, Making Virtual Work, Dr. Betty Johnson captures the thorn in many of our sides—video meetings—that have become all too common and too mundane. From the start of her section “Humans, not cameras, create the problems with video meetings,” and throughout her book, she provides strong evidence on how to get our virtual meetings unstuck.”
— Mitch Kusey, Ph.D., corporate Psychologist and best-selling author on workplace civility, toxic behaviors, and culture change, including Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power