Mindful Influence®

Bridging the Difference® from Resistance to Agreement

“Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”
— John Maxwell

Do your attempts to influence others sometimes involve coaxing, cajoling, and trying to rope people in? If so, does their acquiescence or compliance quickly fall flat?

Manage up, down, and across better by tapping into others’ underlying motivations.

Host an in-person or virtual workshop at your organization facilitated by Betty Johnson, Ph.D. Your leaders will leverage reports from a validated instrument to discover their own—and their team members’—underlying motivations. They’ll then use a research-tested process to overcome resistant, dug-in positions and apply it to their real influencing opportunities.

In this practical workshop, leaders will learn to leverage others’ values and interests to help lift people out of entrenched positions toward mutually beneficial agreements. This approach paves the way for new agreements, ensuring your high-value talent remains secure, engaged, and committed.

Hosting this workshop can prepare your leaders to shift potential conflict toward collaborative solutions. They’ll get better equipped to prevent personality clashes and adverse emotional reactions. Instead, they’ll produce positive engagement and breakthrough results across your organization.

Simple, straightforward, and powerful. Let's get started.

5 star review
“The workshop you did with us is unique. A lot of companies do the same things. But I have not seen anything like Mindful Influence® anywhere. It’s not a packaged product we are supposed to fit. You fit your work to us.”
— CEO, International Non-Profit Leadership Development Organization