Bridging the Difference® from inertia to engagement

 “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

John Maxwell said this in 2007. It was never truer.

  • Today’s organizations are flatter.
  • New workers want greater autonomy and meaning in their work.
  • Directive leadership styles just don’t work anymore.
  • Without influence, you might get temporary obedience. But it won’t stick.

Manager-employee conflict from over-direction is a primary factor in the #1 one reason employees leave their firms:  dissatisfaction with their direct manager.

Keep talent engaged and motivated.

Mindful Influence® methods keep your high-value talent secure, engaged and committed. You shift potential conflict toward collaborative solutions that abate personality clashes and negative emotional reactions. You produce positive engagement.

Mindful Influence® enables you to:

  • Authentically connect with others at an interpersonal level, where engagement resides.
  • Go beyond simply managing completion of tasks to communicate openly with employees.
  • Harness direct reports’ commitments toward higher levels of productivity.
  • Inspire others to be creative and innovative.
  • Negotiate for whole-win outcomes.
  • Encourage your people to exceed their goals.

Innovative, deliberate, thoughtful, precise, flexible, impactful. You come from a place of true empathy for the person and the organization. That co-creates opportunities for us to come together with you to drive solutions.” —Group President, International Engineering Services Company