intentional meetings


Savvy leaders use meetings to energize their teams.

Do your meetings siphon off time, energy, relationships, and productivity? When you regularly hear, "I'm sick of back-to-back meetings that just create more meetings," that's a clear message to get intentional ASAP. Here’s how.


Move forward as the successful leader you’re destined to be.

Need to get super-clear on how you can build high performance amidst today’s complexities? Improve how you communicate, monitor and use resources more effectively, build organizational support, reward performance, and more. Meet today’s demands of leadership. Here’s how.


Savvy leaders help everyone see what’s stifling team performance and how to win together.

Why does your team get stuck? And what do you want to do about it? Get aligned, energized, and motivated. Participate in collaborative, experiential discovery and real-work decision-making that boosts team performance. Here’s how.

Align to Transform


Creating change is one of the most important responsibilities of organizational leaders.

Are you part of the 70% that will fail? Gallup research shows only 30% of change initiatives succeed. The reasons why boil down to these big two reasons: Resistance and Lack of Alignment. Whether you want to build a more inclusive culture, increase productivity, engage people in returning to the office, or some other vision for the future, here’s how.


DEI strategies can fail. Make yours a reality.

Are you missing out on the business value of a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and individual identities?
Does your team welcome a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and individual identities? Without inclusion, your firm’s efforts to attract diverse talent, encourage connected participation and create equity will fail. Honestly, get inclusive. Here’s how.


Wise leaders lift people out of entrenched positions and reach mutually-beneficiail agreements.

Frustrated and worn out from coaxing, cajoling, and trying to rope people in? Manage up, down, and across better by tapping into others’ motivations. Here’s how.