Bridging the difference® from “my way” to “our way” leadership

Invest where it matters most.

Prioritize your work relationships. Who do you depend on? Who depends on you? Who should you invest in? Is your answer “everyone”?

Investing in everyone simply isn’t doable. Those who try to do it burn out. So, get strategic.

Strategic relationship building is powerful.

Team to Win® Strategic Relationship Building

In this session, we expertly facilitate your team as they decide with whom and how to invest their precious time and energy for maximum return.

You consider the relative strategic importance of your relationships at work (the great ones, and the not-s0-good ones). You assess the motivation, readiness, difficulty, and potential impact of investing. You chart a course for the best odds of success at the lowest cost.

Modern, research-based methods help you make clear, practical, and actionable plans. You determine where the benefits to you and your organization are highest.

  1. Identify a work assignment that requires others be involved with you.
  2. Identify the people involved and the quality of your relationships with each of them.
  3. Use a process to assess the relative degree of importance of each person to the completion of the assignment.
  4. Decide the degree to which your success depends on what each person does, and the degree to which their success depends on what you do.
  5. Map your decisions to four different cost-benefit investment approaches.
  6. Sequence your investments for the best odds and biggest impact of success.
  7. Plot your investments against your assets of time and energy.
  8. Solidify your plan and make a commitment.

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