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Bridging the Difference® from Underperforming to Award-Winning

Savvy leaders help everyone see what’s stifling team performance and how to win together.

Are you doing all the heavy lifting to raise performance? Are you losing ground due to disengagement, deadlocks, or discord? Are you turning over high-value talent?

Here’s the scoop: What looks like disengagement is engagement waiting to happen.

Our Team to Win® workshops use validated assessments, facilitation, research findings, and expert coaching so your leaders:

  • Demonstrate the specific behaviors that research shows will improve your organization’s performance.
  • Harness different personalities and individual strengths to break through innovation and quality barriers.
  • Recognize and refrain from everyday temptations that can derail performance.
Simple, straightforward, and powerful. Let's get started.

leadership with dignity

Leading with Dignity Workshop

Leaders, what are your most significant opportunities to enhance team performance?

You’ll be surprised to discover the mindset and behavior shifts that will help you create today’s winning team.

In this live workshop, you’ll examine your key leadership strengths and opportunities for growth using results from the Campbell-Hallam Team Leader Profile. These results depict 15 aspects of your leadership approach that you can enhance to propel your team toward achieving their goals.

You’ll also get a snapshot from a validated instrument showing your unique opportunities to create a more favorable climate—one of dignity, respect, and recognition of people's value and worth.

You’ll compare these new awarenesses with compelling research findings demonstrating the #1 condition required for optimum team performance. With the encouragement and supportive advice of other participants in the workshop, you’ll begin shaping new beliefs about leadership and create an action plan to hone your leadership.

Leading with dignity pulls people together to win instead of pushing people apart in competition with each other.

Discover straightforward ways to enhance the performance of your people and avoid the most common leadership behaviors that derail success.

5 star review
“The session was very timely. We are going through an organizational change, and I now have a plan for how I will tune in to the motives of the people on my team, how I will communicate all the way through, and solicit their ideas.”
— Director, Internal Audit, Federal Reserve Bank

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Be the Team to Win®

Team Assessment, Workshops, and Team Coaching

It’s sometimes hard for team members to see what’s stifling project performance, much less agree on what to do about it. Even when the performance disablers are clear, team members can be at a loss for how to help themselves and each other move past unproductive dynamics, such as blaming outside influences and protecting or buffering negative behaviors.

Be the Team to Win® shows everyone how to work as a high-performing, cohesive unit that pursues and achieves common goals. It moves beyond acknowledging different personalities and individual strengths by enabling everyone on the team to see the full range of perspectives about “How are we doing?” It also allows each individual to see, “What’s my part in how we are doing? How am I helping the team thrive or compromising its performance?”

Be the Team to Win® is a collaborative journey towards specific performance-improvement goals across 19 KPIs to which the team collectively commits. It’s not about pointing fingers at low- or non-performers; instead, it empowers the entire team. We combine a science-based collection of valid data, expert consulting, team facilitation, and coaching to illuminate the positive and negative aspects of your team’s practices. We do this work in partnership with you and the team in an unbiased, systematic, and psychologically safe way. These efforts foster motivation and engagement as the team takes ownership of its continuous improvement.

5 star review
“I greatly admire Betty Johnson’s work and her approach to working with teams to help them improve not just their productivity but also learn so much about themselves and how they contribute to the bigger picture!””
— Chief Medical Officer, Atrium Health

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