Team to Win®

Bridging the Difference® from Lackluster to Award-Winning

Savvy leaders help everyone see what’s stifling team performance and how to win together.

Are you doing all the heavy lifting? Losing ground due to disengagement, deadlock, or discord?

Here’s the skinny: What looks like disengagement is engagement waiting to happen.

Move beyond different personalities and individual strengths. Enable everyone to see how they help the team thrive or underperform. Use a validated instrument and engage your team in an unbiased, systematic, and psychologically safe way that generates motivation and engagement as the team takes ownership of its continuous improvement.

Simple, straightforward, and powerful.

Be the Team to Win®

Use a science-based process to show everyone on the team how to work as a high-performing, cohesive unit that hits goals and wins together.

5 star review
“You took the time to really learn about our organization. You asked thoughtful questions. Other consultants come in with their idea of what you should do. They push their solution instead of meeting us where we are, with what we need. You deliver an empathetic process. That’s one of the reasons we know we can trust you.”
— Strategy Execution Leader, International Healthcare Products Company

5 star review
“I greatly admire Betty Johnson’s work and her approach to working with teams to help them to improve not just their productivity but learning so much about themselves and how they contribute to the bigger picture!”
— Lead Business Analyst, Financial Services Organization

Making Virtual Work, How to Build Performance and Relationships by Betty Johnson, Ph.D.

How to Build Performance and Relationships

Find out what it takes to win in virtual and hybrid work.
From the book... “The clock is ticking and every day is Blursday. Virtual workers are begging us to lighten their load, to remove the burdens, the hassles, and the irritants that come with video meetings. If we listen—if we put ourselves in their seats—we can act in ways that lift those burdens. We can, together, uplift people in their virtual workplaces so they thrive."
“How do you be a wise leader in a virtual work world? This book guides and inspires leaders to apply empathy and design effective virtual meetings. Betty Johnson provides a pragmatic and research-based guide to make virtual work work. It is a guide and inspiration that all leaders need right now.”
— Jane Dutton, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration and Psychology at the University of Michigan and author of multiple books and more than 100 research papers and monographs on bringing out the best in employees and organizations

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