Bridging the difference from individual contributor to manager

The instructor’s strong expertise was very much appreciated by our client as well our organization. Highly recommended!”—Chief Technology Officer, Educational Consulting Firm

One of the most challenging management skills to acquire is that of artful delegation.

  • Are you boosting your performance by enabling team members to contribute new value?
  • Are your team members taking on unfamiliar assignments to continue growing their capabilities and their careers?
  • Are you being strategic about how you maximize productivity by accomplishing work through and with others’ efforts versus doing things yourself because “it’s easier that way”?

This session will provide you with the skills to hand off the right task at the right time to the right person so you can maximize the productivity and performance of your team and help others grow.

1/2-Day workshop activities and outcomes
  1. Define and express to others the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of your workplace.
  2. Recognize your comfort level with delegating and begin to increase it.
  3. Discover how to motivate your staff to take on new tasks and responsibilities.
  4. Identify when to be hands-on and when to be hands-off.
  5. Balance the need for results with the need for others to learn and grow.
  6. Delegate tough assignments.
  7. Practice a delegation conversation.
  8. Create performance standards that motivate staff and reduce your need to monitor.

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