Customized Workshops

Our highly interactive workshops are continuously updated to reflect the latest neuroscience, social science, psychology, leadership, well-being, and team effectiveness research.
Participating in one of our workshops is a perfect way for you to up your leadership skillset. Whether conducted via video conference or in person, all workshops include a validated pre-work assessment to jump-start improved leadership results.

Team to Win workshop

Savvy leaders help everyone see how to win together.

Move beyond different personalities and individual strengths. Enable everyone to see how they help the team thrive or under-perform.

Build Networks and Sponsorships

Enlist support to help advance your career.

Hidden opportunities for your professional advancement are all around you. In this workshop you'll discover those circumstances and create your unique strategy for capitalizing on your authentic relationship-building abilities.

Mindful Influence workshop

Build relationships to move forward together.

Using your real work opportunities, you’ll discover how to use a science-based model grounded in empathy to address thorny issues with another person.

Be an Inclusive Leader banner

Create a sense of belonging in your team.

Using your real work situations, discover what inclusive leadership really is, what it looks like when you do it, and what specific barriers you can address.

Bridging the Difference Through Empathy workshop

Empathy is an action that moves people forward together.

Using your real work situations, make decisions about how to become more in tune with other people and coordinate better with them, so you both get what you need.

Intentional Meetings workshop

Get more done while building work relationships that sustain performance through tough times.

Using your real work situations, create virtual and hybrid meetings that are useful and energizing for everyone.

There's More to Our Workshops

Our workshops are based on up-to-date neuroscience, social science, psychology, leadership, well-being, DE&I, and team effectiveness research. We give you practical leadership tips, techniques, and tools. We offer workshops that develop leadership skills in change readiness, consensus-building, critical thinking and decision-making, communication, conflict and problem resolution, well-being and resilience, professional presence, negotiating, and other game-changing capabilities. Let’s talk!

We also offer workshops that develop game-changing leadership capabilities in:
  • Change readiness
  • Consensus-building
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • Communication
  • Conflict and problem resolution
  • Well-being and resilience
  • Professional presence
  • Negotiating